Magnificent energy from the heart. When you live in nature, in the scent of flowers, in the blessed light of the day and the sweet dew of the morning, you don’t have questions, you simply live and joy together with them. Your heart opens, you cry, cry, and your eyes are wet with dew. This is how this song was born, when your body, mind, and soul opens, God steps next to you in an unguarded moment, and pours her treasures into you.

Istvan Sky


Istvan started learning music as a young boy and has kept doing so to this day. He studied singing and music first from his family, from nature, then from Indian and Tibetan Masters. In 1990 he became the disciple of the renowned sarod maestro Smt. Sharan Rani in New Delhi, from whom he learned complex spiritual musical art (table, vocals and sarod), and who got him acquainted with the Eastern way of life and philosophy. Istvan has taught and participated in a number of international concerts, including the World Music Festival in Delhi. He tours with his worldwide unique chanting voice and healing music and had full house concerts in India, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, and all over the world, from Singapore to Mexico. He has been having a lot of workshops, too, where he teaches his singing technics.